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Life-saving lighting line

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Life-saving lighting line

One 50-meter wire wheel and one AC220V/110V charger.
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1. One 50-meter wire wheel and one AC220V/110V charger.

2. How to use

1. Take out the reel.

2. Turn on the switch to judge whether there is electricity (constant light----off----flashing).

3. The luminous rope can be retracted in the luminous state.

4. The plastic self-ties can be used to temporarily fix the luminous rope, such as the plastic self-ties, which can be used repeatedly and easy to disassemble.

5. Please use the handle when rewinding, arrange it in order and take it back, and wipe off the water and sundries at the same time, so that it can be released smoothly next time.

3. Charging method

When charging, first turn off the reel switch

1) Connect AC220V/110V charger, full load is continuous charging for 3-4 hours. (Recommended)

4. Technical indicators

Power box size: 285*205*170mm, light-emitting color is blue-green; weight 10kg (including packaging); 50m power 15w; full load, use is not restricted by environment and power supply conditions, continuous working time is greater than 18 hours; The viewing distance is 100 meters; the tensile force is 40 kilograms; the use time of no electricity is 1-3 hours; the number of charging and discharging of the lithium battery is more than 500 times (replaceable); the service life of the luminous cord is 3000 hours; the battery is fully loaded and stored for 30 days in a dry state. 30%; operating conditions DC12V; output frequency 1500Hz; battery operating temperature limit: -20℃ to +60℃;

Five. Matters needing attention

The reel part cannot be used for a long time in rain, and it should be kept dry when stored.

The bending is less than 45 degrees or exceeds the tensile force, which is easy to short-circuit the light-emitting line and not bright;

Do not disassemble the tip and internal device, it is easy to make the waterproof performance invalid and change the tension.

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