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Passport reader

The passport reader is a document information collection device with rich functions and novel design, involving optics, machinery, electronic circuits, image processing, pattern recognition, OCR recognition, artificial intelligence, radio frequency identification (RFID) and many other fields;
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Product description

The passport reader is a document information collection device with rich functions and novel design, involving optics, machinery, electronic circuits, image processing, pattern recognition, OCR recognition, artificial intelligence, radio frequency identification (RFID) and many other fields; it is equipped with 500 Megapixels, using TH-OCR technology, can quickly and accurately read the original or card-type electronic chip information designed in accordance with the ICAO standard ICAO DOC 9303, such as machine-readable e-passports, e-Hong Kong and Olympic resident travel permits, e-mainland Residents travel to Taiwan and other various travel documents.

Optional domestic second-generation card reader to expand the application field. It supports automatic induction triggering of documents, automatic classification, and simple and convenient operation. It is very suitable for applications in hotels, border checkpoints, customs clearance ports, customs, airports, immigration administrations, foreign travel agencies and other places.


1. Reading scope: It can read various documents such as ID card, driver's license, driving permit, electronic passport, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan pass, electronic Taiwan compatriot permit, electronic homecoming permit, etc.;

2. Performance settings: The communication rate can reach up to 848Kbps, the card reading time is less than 3 seconds, and the certificate recognition accuracy rate is as high as 99.8%, which can be integrated and applied to various management application systems.

3. Kernel configuration: efficient, integrated, and diverse kernel configuration. It provides integrators with SDK development kits in multiple development languages, as well as development kits under Windows and Linux. At the same time, it has a built-in second-generation card reader module, and is equipped with a buzzer. Device prompt function.

4. Shooting mode: 5 million pixel high-definition imaging, physical resolution up to 500DPI; multi-view operation, visible light acquisition image, infrared light recognition, ultraviolet light anti-counterfeiting.

5. Appearance design: The appearance is exquisite and compact, light and easy to carry, the curve design is smooth, simple and generous.

6. Quality material selection: ABS material is selected, which is resistant to friction, corrosion, anti-static, and strong in stability.

7. Operation level: simple operation, automatic triggering of the system, automatic classification of various types of documents, automatic card reading and identification of documents.

Product parameter

1. Light source: multi-band light source: including visible light, infrared 850nm, ultraviolet 365nm

2. Anti-glare function: ensure that the color of the document is not distorted, and remove the influence of anti-counterfeiting film and reflection

3. Image acquisition: acquisition area 127×88 mm sensor CMOS 5 million pixels (2592×1944) resolution 500 DPI

4. Image saving:

24-bit clear color photos can be taken of the full-page information page of the passport

Images collected under visible light (white light), infrared light, and ultraviolet light sources can be saved in various image formats such as BMP, PNG or JPEG

And the photos will not contain light spots caused by reflections

At the same time, you can also save the electronic avatar photo from the certificate with chip

5. Portrait cutting:

After cropping, the face and head area of ​​the image are complete, and the non-photo area occupies a small proportion in the image

The photo is not blocked by light spots

6. Document Recognition (OCR):

Supports image collection and information recognition of various ID documents such as ID cards, driving licenses, passports, Hong Kong and Macau passes, Taiwan compatriots permits, driving permits, etc.

Support image collection and information recognition of ICAO9303 standard passports, visas and other travel documents, including machine-readable codes and other layout information

Supports reading 1D barcodes, Code 128, Code 39, EAN-13, etc.

Support reading 2D barcodes, PDF 417, QR, DataMatrix™, etc.

Photo recognition speed is less than 1 second

7. E-passport card reader:

Support ICAO9303 standard e-passport card reading, the reading time is less than 3 seconds;

Support ISO 14443 Type A/B card reading;

Support electronic passport basic access control (BAC);

Support electronic passport passive authentication to verify the authenticity of the certificate information;

Support active authentication of e-passport to verify the authenticity of the ID chip

8. Reading in the machine-readable area: it can read all ICAO-compliant documents and non-ICAO-standard documents issued by China; analyze machine-readable code information

9. Protection level: IP50

10. Data communication: support (including but not limited to) PC/SC, compatible with USB2.0 and USB3.0 interfaces; support USB interface expansion, and connect other USB devices to the device

11. Communication rate: up to 848 Kbps

12. Automatic triggering: support the automatic induction of the document to trigger the document reading

13. Automatic classification: the system automatically distinguishes the types of documents

14. Indicator light: including power indicator light, ready indicator light, error indicator light and warning indicator light; support indicator light working status customization

15. Buzzer: Built-in buzzer

16. Software development kits: provide windows system software development kits for secondary development calls; provide in the form of Dll, OCX, WebSocket, and provide calling routines in VC, VB, C#, Java and other languages. Provide software development kits for Linux systems;

17. Power supply:

Use external standard power adapter, power adapter specifications:

Input AC 100~240V 50-60Hz 0.8A

Output DC 12V 2A

18. Operating environment: Humidity: 20% to 95% (no condensation under relative humidity) Temperature: -10º to 50ºC working; -20º to 50ºC storage

19. Operating system: compatible with Windows® 2000-SP4, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 and Windows® 8, Windows® 10 and Linux® systems;

20. Physical specifications: Appearance size: 198×175×138mm length, width and height, bare metal weight: 1.25 kg, full package weight: 1.75 kg

21. Service and maintenance: provide 365*24 telephone, email, network online technical support, one-year hardware warranty and lifetime maintenance

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