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Explosion-proof tank

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Explosion-proof tank

FBG-G1-JG01 type explosion-proof tank is an open, fixed explosion-proof tank without an upper cover.
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Overview: FBG-G1-JG01 type explosion-proof tank is an open, fixed explosion-proof tank without an upper cover.

Structure: Consists of an inner tank, an outer tank, and an energy-absorbing buffer layer. The inner tank structure is made of 15mm thick seamless steel pipes, the outer tank structure is 12mm thick seamless steel pipes and 1mm thick stainless steel plates. The energy-absorbing buffer layer structure consists of 40mm×40mm×3mm aluminum pipes closely distributed between the outer tank and the inner tank. The tank body The bottom structure from the inside to the outside is: 15mm thick steel plate + aluminum tube energy-absorbing buffer layer + 12mm thick steel plate + 125mm diameter, 30mm thick steel plate and 8 12mm thick reinforcing ribs.

Dimensions: The inner diameter of the tank is 500mm, the depth is 570mm, the outer diameter is 640mm, the height is 760mm (without wheels), and the height is 785mm (with wheels). 4 casters are installed at the bottom of the tank.

General requirements: No obvious scratches, paint leakage, cracks, damage, repair welding and other defects on the surface of all parts. Non-metallic materials are non-toxic and flame-retardant. Metal materials are treated with anti-corrosion.

Product mark: The explosion-proof tank has a clear and firm product mark.

The product marks are:

a) The name or trademark of the manufacturer;

b) Product name;

c) Product code;

d) Total mass;

e) Executive standard number;

f) Production date and validity period;

g) Instructions for use or precautions

Explosion-proof capability: 1500g TNT bare grain (density 1.55g/cm³ ~1.60g/cm³) is placed in the explosion-proof tank (the blasting test site is steel ground), and the distance between the geometric center of the block and the bottom center of the tank is 190mm. Detonated with a No. 8 electric detonator, the tank body does not tip over, there is no burning, dense smoke, dust, etc. inside the tank, the outer surface is deformed, there are no cracks and perforations, and all parts and components are not falling off.

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