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Single police equipment

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Single police equipment

The company mainly produces: new standard telescopic batons, new standard glare flashlights and other related public security single police equipment, police protective equipment, comprehensive police equipment, and anti-terrorism explosion-proof equipment.

Police multifunctional belt (leather)

The police multifunctional belt is also known as the police eight-piece suit. It is easy to use and has a reasonable layout. It greatly shortens the time for police dispatch and has a deterrent effect on criminals. It can be equipped with handcuffs, walkie-talkie, strong light flashlight, police work bag, police water bottle, truncheon, tear gas jet, police standard knives and other equipment.

Police handcuffs

The anti-pull handcuffs are formed by integral bending and die-casting. The lock cylinder is a triangle with an anti-shift cover, which significantly enhances the anti-shift coefficient. The handcuffs are composed of main parts such as outer cylinder, ball head, connecting shaft, connecting buckle, O-ring, lock cylinder, splint, and fan teeth. The surface of the handcuffs is bright and uniform in color, and the connecting parts are smooth and tidy.

Police anti-cut gloves

The wrists, palms, backs of hands, and fingers of the cut-resistant gloves are all covered by the cut-resistant layer, and the materials are consistent and non-toxic. Cut-resistant gloves are easy to wear, take off, breathable, good touch, good hand feeling, and do not affect joint bending. Each pair of police anti-cut gloves should have a clear manufacturer's brand name, specifications, production number and production date.

Police first aid kit

Police first aid kit is a kind of simple and portable first aid equipment for police officers who need emergency and temporary rescue when they receive minor injuries during duty and training.

Police flashlight

The appearance of the product is clean, no deformation, and no burrs; the surface pattern and text are clear and complete, and the position is accurate; the front is the police badge pattern and the words "Police"; the back is the charging hole and the words "Glare Flashlight", and the police badge pattern conforms to GA244- The 2000 standard stipulates.

Repeat filling tear gas ejector

The tear gas ejector is composed of a plastic outer tank, a visible inner tank, a tear gas solution, spray components, a safety cover, and an inflation valve. Accessories include tear gas and inflatable bottles.

New standard handcuffs

Appearance: The surface of the metal handcuffs is oxidized, smooth without burrs, uniform color, no peeling, blistering and other defects;

New standard police flashlight (tactical)

The surface of the glare flashlight is smooth, free of scratches, abrasions, burrs, and oil stains; the lens and reflector are smooth and free of traces.
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