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Vehicle-mounted portable dual-purpose radar speedometer

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Vehicle-mounted portable dual-purpose radar speedometer

There are various installation methods, and it can be mounted on a vehicle, and can be placed on the side of the road using a tripod.
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There are various installation methods, and it can be mounted on a vehicle, and can be placed on the side of the road using a tripod.

The specific 24-hour working capacity is 70°C~ -30°C without any adverse effects.

It has good rain and dust resistance, accepts the rain from the south, and is not afraid of the sand and dust environment in the north.

One-key power-on and turn off the display screen and other user-friendly design.

Super high level of stability, sudden current insurance design, reverse connection protection function.

Large-capacity DC lithium battery, safe and reliable, with a battery life of up to 16 hours.

GPS real-time positioning function.

System advantages: all-weather work, single and two-way speed measurement, separate speed limit for large and small cars, wireless transmission, remote control, automatic U disk download, blacklist comparison, GPS positioning, interval speed measurement, traffic flow statistics.

System function: automatic capture function of speeding vehicles in the same direction, reverse direction and two-way direction;

24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, continuous working ability, night shooting flash 100% synchronization;

Able to capture 1-3 photos and automatically store them in the designated folder;

Wireless transmission function, transfer pictures to the central server via 3G network;

After inserting the USB flash drive, automatically import the picture to the USB flash drive;

Automatic vehicle number plate recognition and blacklist comparison function;

Other illegal behavior capture functions such as pressing line, illegal stopping, retrograde, etc.;

It has the function of setting the speed limit and starting value separately for large and small cars;

Two sets of equipment can be used at the same time to realize the interval speed measurement function;

System configuration: highly integrated industrial computer, 5 degree narrow wave speed measuring radar, high-definition gigabit network industrial camera, 6.5 Taiwan AMT wide temperature four-wire analog resistance touch screen, anti-static aluminum-magnesium alloy oxide paint surface integrated box, large-capacity lithium battery and Charger, professional tripod and powerful suction cup, aviation standard aluminum case, smart flash, Dean V1.0 smart capture software.

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