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Information Integration Collector

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Information Integration Collector

The cabinet adopts a three-section anti-collision structure design, which can be interchanged according to the on-site installation environment of the collection room.
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1. Collection table part

The cabinet adopts a three-section anti-collision structure design, which can be interchanged according to the on-site installation environment of the collection room. With lightning protection module, safety protection of operators and acquisition equipment; integrated computer power on/off control, USB expansion; industrial host; embedded finger palm structure design, which is convenient for collection and protects the equipment from damage; the display structure can be rotated up and down, left and right; Camera highly flexible control; portrait capture device that supports auto focus;

Hidden second-generation ID card reader and audio capture device; embedded barcode scanning module, 200 times per second, compatible with all one-dimensional codes; supporting OCR recognition and a scaled physical evidence shooting system; embedded laser printer for printing File file information; support built-in constant temperature and humidity device, which can directly let blood samples and urine samples; there is a movable door device behind the table, which is convenient for equipment installation and debugging;

2. Body collection part

High-precision ultrasonic measurement technology; adopts dual-mode architecture and supports stand-alone or online use; all-in-one design can measure height, weight, and foot length; wired or wireless transmission, wireless maximum communication distance of 50M; automatic judgment of whether the measured person is standing Good positioning function; stretch function, foldable, support mobile office; can replace the back panel as needed, beautiful and practical; the base is more convenient for multi-directional human body information collection; measurement results can be automatically displayed;

3. Software part

The system has the functions of face recognition and comparison. It uses a portrait collector to instantly compare the on-site portrait of the collected object with the second-generation witness portrait information to determine the identity of the person and ensure the authenticity of the certificate.

One-click collection of personnel information, all data (portrait, second-generation card, voice, finger prints, height, weight, foot length, etc.) are automatically generated and unified into the collection object database. Among them, in the "Portrait Collection" module, the system has functions such as automatic cropping and adding the name of the collection object, so that the collected data can achieve a unified standard and improve the work efficiency of the grassroots case handlers.

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