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Single police law enforcement video and audio recorder

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Single police law enforcement video and audio recorder

The face can be seen clearly at 3 meters; the filter is automatically switched according to the light environment, and the shooting effect is without chromatic aberration.
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Technical Parameters

Dimensions: 75.1×60.8×33.6(mm)

Weight: 167g

Protection level: IP56

Laser positioning function: Yes

Display: 2.0 inches

Screen brightness adjustment: Yes

Motion detection: Yes

Local playback: support 1-128 times fast forward and fast rewind

Video resolution: up to 2304×1296

Video capture function: Yes

Photo resolution: 8000×4500

Photo resolution: resolution 8000×4500, 1200 lines

Battery design: removable battery

Battery power supply time: 8 hours of continuous recording

Battery charging time: less than 8 hours

Storage capacity: up to 128G can be expanded

Boot time: 1.8 seconds

Anti-fall height: 2 meters

Horizontal wide angle: 107 degrees

Seamless battery connection: replace the battery and keep the power on within 6 minutes

GPS function: no such function

Night vision effect: see facial features clearly within 3 meters.

Configuration: Ambarella solution, 1 host (32G), 2 batteries, 1 epaulette clip, 1 data cable, and 1 charger.

Overview: With the GA/T947.2-2015 industry standard inspection report of the Ministry of Public Security, the real 36 million pixel high-definition camera, 107 degrees wide-angle; intelligent infrared night vision, configurable wireless remote control, wireless camera, external wiring control infrared camera and Ear-hook external camera; the host has dual prompts of vibration and sound, and the battery can be removed and replaced.

Host: Host 2.0-inch TFT HD display, image preview and playback are clearer and smoother, convenient for on-site dispute resolution; 36 million pixels 107-degree super wide-angle; integrated video, camera, audio, intercom microphone, AV out output, wire control External camera, wireless

Remote control, wireless camera, intelligent infrared night vision, data transmission, playback and browsing functions.

Shell protection level: The body uses engineering plastics and ABS material, which has the characteristics of drop resistance, waterproof, flame retardant, etc.; protection level up to IP56 will not affect normal use under heavy rain.

Drop height: can withstand free fall of ≥2 meters on cement ground;

Wearing: Equipped with a patented adjustable and detachable powerful safety warning flashing shoulder light, which can be hung on the epaulette, suitable for highway law enforcement, foggy weather law enforcement, night law enforcement, etc., effectively strengthening the protection of the safety of law enforcement personnel;

It is also equipped with a universal clothing positioning rack, which is convenient to be directly equipped on any part of the uniform.

Recording function: One-key boot and recording; 6-speed adjustable recording resolution, up to 2304*1296P high-definition recording; one-key switching between 1080P high-definition recording (enforcement mode) and 480P standard-definition recording (duty mode). Using H.264 compression scheme, the file space is small.

Camera function: 36 million pixel static photo shooting, while video recording can be achieved at the same time to capture and generate high-quality images. Support single, multiple and unlimited continuous shooting functions.

Recording function: three modes: one-key separate recording function, video and audio synchronization, intercom recording; 48KHZ sampling rate, AAC, stereo.

Intelligent infrared night vision: hand-automatic integrated intelligent infrared night vision, the host is equipped with a high-power infrared lamp and a white light, night vision effect

The face can be seen clearly at 3 meters; the filter is automatically switched according to the light environment, and the shooting effect is without chromatic aberration.

White light auxiliary function: The high-power white light lamp can be turned on separately and used as a flashlight.

Intercom function: integrated intercom sending function, connected to the intercom through a dedicated cable, it can be used as a "shoulder microphone".

Laser positioning: The host has a laser positioning light, which can confirm the direction and range of the lens of the host through the laser laser light source.

Playback browsing: The camera can play back the shooting content with sound, and realize the loop browsing of video, photo and audio files, and it can be 1-128 times fast forward and fast rewind during video playback (not reflected in the test report);

Battery capacity: 2800 mAh removable high-power battery, which can record continuously for more than 8 hours, and the battery charging time is less than 8 hours; standby time is about 400 hours. Compared with the built-in battery, it has two major advantages: first, it can replace the backup battery by itself, which greatly improves the machine's battery life; second, it can avoid the problem of scrapping the whole machine due to battery capacity degradation or damage;

Seamless battery switching: built-in small battery to ensure seamless battery switching. During the replacement of the backup battery, the law enforcement instrument was powered on within 6 minutes.

Working temperature: -30°C~55°C (measured).

Host prompt function: real-time display of memory capacity and display of memory capacity; low battery voltage alarm and memory overflow prompt function; video and photo sound prompt, vibration prompt.

Back-end software: through the back-end software, functions such as time calibration, policeman number setting, host password modification, file transfer, etc. can be performed; the generated data files are named by date and time, which is convenient for data archiving and storage, easy to retrieve and find, and with log recording function ; The police number, time and date can not be modified when the watermark is generated in the file.

Operating system: XP, Win7, Win8, Win10

Optional area: can be selected according to the actual situation

Storage capacity: 32G, 64G, 128G storage capacity can be configured. Law enforcement agencies that meet different needs;

In the 1080P high-definition video mode, the full 128G can be recorded for more than 60 hours of continuous recording.

Battery box: A component that is convenient for daily use of multiple batteries. You can use a charger that meets the USB standard (recommended not less than 5V/1A output) to charge the battery.

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