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Patrol robot

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Patrol robot

The robot and its management system can provide four core functions: autonomous patrol, security prevention, handling during incidents, and interactive services.
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Parameter configuration and performance description:

Appearance size: 1370*750mm

Speed: 4-14km/h

Life time: 8 hours

Sensors: depth vision sensor, anti-drop sensor, anti-collision sensor, ultrasonic sensor

Actuator: anti-riot electrode

Rely on network: WIFI 4G

Walking mode: automatic/remote control

Charging pile: size: length 588 * width 210 * height 362

The robot and its management system can provide four core functions: autonomous patrol, security prevention, handling during incidents, and interactive services. It can be widely used in airports, high-speed rails, subways, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, government centers, computer rooms and other occasions.

Executive standard: Our company issues a product quality inspection certificate.

Process characteristics:

Autonomous patrol

(1) Map construction:

Lidar or visual SLAM technology is used to detect the operating area and construct an environmental boundary map for the robot to operate autonomously.

(2) Autonomous positioning and navigation:

In the patrol process, the robot uses the code disc, IMU, lidar and vision sensor to fuse real-time positioning, and execute tasks according to the established route and time.

(3) Autonomous obstacle avoidance:

The heuristic path search algorithm based on the potential field map is used to select the safest travel path, and multiple sensors such as lidar, vision, and ultrasound are integrated to sense obstacles and avoid obstacles reasonably.

(4). Automatic charging:

When the power of the robot is below a certain threshold, it will automatically navigate to the preset charging pile location area to complete its own power replenishment.

Security defense

(1) Video surveillance:

The robot is equipped with four high-definition cameras to realize 360° monitoring of the whole body. The robot management platform can be used to view real-time and historical audio and video data through the network.

(2) Environmental monitoring:

The robot can optionally be equipped with temperature, humidity, smoke and other sensors to monitor the environmental information in its operating environment in real time and report it to the robot management platform for real-time warning.

(3) Intelligent detection:

The robot can detect human figures, pedestrians, dynamic targets, vehicles and other established targets in the video image in real time. It can also be customized to carry other forensics or detection equipment, and upload the detected targets to the robot management platform in real time via the network.

(4) Comparison and early warning:

The robot management platform can compare in real time according to the detected targets uploaded in real time. Such as real-time comparison of key personnel database portraits, real-time comparison of detection targets, and early warning based on the recognition results.

Deal in the event

(1) Sound and light alarm:

When the call for help button is triggered, the robot will send out a police sound and light alarm and notify the robot platform management personnel simultaneously.

(2) Remote propaganda:

Managers can use the robot management platform to remotely control the robot to achieve remote audio and video calls and interactive functions.

(3) Riot prevention and deterrence:

The robot can be equipped with anti-riot electric fork, electric stun gun or strong light blinding equipment, and the manager can remotely control the robot through the robot management platform to realize remote control of discharge deterrence, anti-riot collision and other functions.

Interactive service

(1) Autonomous voice service:

The robot system integrates the intelligent brain, and can provide voice guidance services based on voice and text interaction, such as human-computer interaction functions such as chat conversations, inquiry services, and welcome speeches.

(2) Audio and video intercom:

In specific scenarios, the robot can initiate audio and video intercom to the robot management platform, and the customer service remotely provides better interactive services and business guidance.

(3) Media and entries broadcast:

The robot is equipped with a multimedia display function, which can play relevant safety videos, advertisements, and important entry information during the robot patrol.

(4) Business handling:

The robot system can customize various business services for different application scenarios, such as: face authorization, identity entry, business guidance, process completion, etc.

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