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I. Product introduction

Campus security, in times of peace, the anti-riot steel fork is widely used in campus security, as the most important part of the 8 sets of security.

The anti-riot steel fork is made of high strength and high quality stainless steel, which has the characteristics of high strength, strong impact resistance, strong bending resistance and strong durability. Through the use of the capture device, it can quickly subdue the terrorists and reduce casualties.

The steel fork is composed of fork head, fork head locking structure, fork rod, fork rod locking structure and handle, which can resist the thrust within five people and never bend and deform, and has strong protection ability. This product is suitable for courts, public security, airports, procuratorates, campus security, etc.

Two, main technical parameters:

1, material: stainless steel;

2, shrinkage size: 1315mm;

3, expansion size: 2020mm;

4. Diameter of the back end of the tube: 35cm;

5. Front diameter of pipe body: 28mm;

6, weight: 1.63kg;

7, handle material: nylon composite material, high hardness, light weight, anti-slip.

8, the product quality is light, convenient to carry, flexible use.

This product has passed the safety and police electronic products quality testing center of the Ministry of Public Security, and can provide test reports.

Anti-riot steel fork usage: anti-riot steel fork is an effective binding instrument, it is made of a kind of stainless steel, weight less than 2 kg, removable, one end is u-shaped fork mouth, one end is plastic handle, no sharp edges and corners, through the central button of the steel fork, can make its elongation to 2 meters, can also shorten to 1 meter 3. The anti-riot steel fork is a kind of coordination equipment. In the process of a criminal attack, the police can use the steel fork to hold his upper body, so that he can not move freely, and then use other anti-riot police equipment to subdue him.

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