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Portable riot search light

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Portable riot search light

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Portable riot search light

Product features:

1. It is made of the highest quality materials in the world

2. Choose 3 3W high-power positive white LED light sources in series

3. High light efficiency, low energy consumption, life of 100,000 hours

4. Portable switch, tail double wire charging

The torch can be used normally after immersing in one meter of water for one hour

Technical parameters:

Item Specifications Working mode Common laser, vehicle-mounted laser, and four-level fog penetration

Switching between working modes zoom function The laser spot and the laser focal length are synchronized during zoom

Adjust the field of view Angle 9.0°× 6.75° Focusing electric focusing, can automatically focus the daytime visual distance of 750m

Visible facial features 1500m visible human contours night vision 250m visible human contours brightness and contrast 500m automatic/manual control polarity white/black heat frame rate 50 frames electronic multiplication x 36 dc power supply 9V battery rechargeable lithium battery 7.4V battery works for more than 5 hours

Power consumption <4W serial port control RS232 power input dc port video output analog composite video video file transfer USB2.0 display binocular OLED display, 800 x 600 pixels,256 gray level video output PAL

The overall dimensions of the machine are 195mm x 90mm x 160mm

Machine weight 1.5kg

Operating temperature -20℃ ~ +50℃

Storage temperature -40 ° C to +60 ° C

Protection class IP67

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