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Versatile tactical flashlight

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Versatile tactical flashlight

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Versatile tactical flashlight

Product parameters:

1. Color: black

2. Material: aluminum alloy

3. Product size: Head 45mm * tube 31mm * tail 33mm * total length 197mm

4. Weight; 310 g

5. Power/lumen: 3 w headlight + white light 2835*10+ red light 2835*10

6. Main material: aluminum alloy

7. Packing: paper box

8. Battery specification: built-in 2000MAH 18650 battery

9. Lighting distance: headlamp 200 meters

10. Lighting time: headlight (2-3 hours of strong light). Medium light 5-6 hours. Flash for 5-6 hours). Side white light (full light 3-4 hours. Half light for 6-7 hours). Side red light (flash for 6-7 hours, slow flash for 6-7 hours)

Function introduction and usage description:

1. The headlight has full light, half light, flash mode, using American CREE XPE LED. Concentrated 200 meters

2 Side white light adopts 10 2835 patch LED. Single 0.2W 10 feet 2W (full light and half light modes)

3. Side red light adopts 10 highlighted 2835 patch LED. Wave 620-625 (with fast flash and slow flash modes)

4. The left side of the head is equipped with high hardness alloy safety hammer, which can easily break the window glass.

5. The right side of the head is equipped with a cutter. You can easily cut the safety belt to escape in an emergency.

6. At the same time, the side of the head is equipped with strong magnetism. It can be easily attached to the car shell or iron parts for easy use.

7. The central part is equipped with 5V 50MA monocrystalline silicon solar panels. It can charge the battery.

8. The tail is equipped with a compass, which is convenient for outdoor use.

9. Unscrew the bottom of the tail, there is an international Android charging interface, which can charge the built-in battery.

10. At the same time, the flashlight has USB output function, which can charge mobile phones and other digital devices when you go out.

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