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Police riot helmets

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Police riot helmets

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Product model: FBK-ZD01-L

The riot helmet consists of shell, cushion layer, cushion, mask, wearing device and neck guard.

Product material: shell material quality anti-hit engineering plastics;

Buffer layer using foam and soft energy absorbing material;

Mask material is high quality transparent PC material.

Transmittance of mask: 90.2%

Weight: 1.48 kg

POLICE riot helmet logo: facing the cap badge direction, the English "POLICE" on the left, the Chinese "POLICE" on the right, the font is in bold. Police riot helmets have a clear and permanent product logo on the inside.

Include: manufacturer name, product name, product number, implementation standard number, production date, etc.

Product performance:

Anti-leakage performance: police riot helmet can withstand the spraying of test liquid, test head mold will not be colored. After the mask is closed, the joint part with the shell has the function of preventing liquid inflow.

Impact resistance and protection performance: the police riot helmet should be able to withstand the impact of 4.9J kinetic energy on the mask. After impact, the mask does not contact the nose of the test head mold, and the mask can open and close normally.

Impact strength performance: the mask of the police riot helmet can withstand the impact of 1g lead shot at 150m/s±10m/s speed, and the mask will not be penetrated or broken after impact.

Impact energy absorption performance: police riot helmet can withstand the impact of 49J energy, the force transferred to the test head mold is less than 4900N, and the shell does not break.

Penetration resistance: the police riot helmet can withstand puncture with 88.2J energy, and the drop hammer will not penetrate the police riot helmet and the test head mold.

Flame retardant performance: the outer surface of the police riot helmet shell is less than or equal to 10s

Special police Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security, Inspection No. 1850379

The products are listed in the 012 agreement supply catalogue of the Ministry of Public Security

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