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FAST tactical bulletproof helmet

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FAST tactical bulletproof helmet

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FAST tactical bulletproof helmet

Material: ABS engineering plastic + metal

Weight: 697 grams net

Color: black, sand, mud, gray, green

Size: Average size, fit (56-62)

Preparation: helmet body 1, EPP cushion 8 (large 2 high 2 low 2 side 2), goggles buckle 2, guide rail group 2, adhesive Velcro


EPP cushion 3 features: lightweight, impact resistance, good ventilation

The EPP pad consists of an impact-resistant layer and LDV memory sponge, and the EPP pad will not be damaged by deterioration of ambient temperature, altitude and humidity

Quick adjustment of helmet tightness: through mechanical optimization design and knob adjustment, the head can be tightened only by gently twisting the knob, so that the stability of the helmet can reach the extreme, and the user does not feel the feeling of sagging when wearing the helmet


On the forehead is dried cuttlefish (base of night vision holder)

Reinforcement with elastic bands on both sides

Can connect headlights, cameras, night vision equipment and other equipment


The helmet is attached with original Velcro on both sides and back

Can be equipped with IR identification badges, morale badges, IR identification lights and other combat accessories according to their own needs


Both sides are equipped with multifunctional guide rails fixed by metal screw nails

You can install indicators, flashlights, headphones and other functional accessories


The plug on the guide rail is mainly used to buckle the goggles or mask, which plays a role of reinforcement. Under severe action, the goggles or mask on the helmet is also difficult to come off

The chin rest of leather material improves the skin-friendly and comfortableness of human body

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