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Police used electric shock to restrain the waist fork

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Police used electric shock to restrain the waist fork

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Police used electric shock to restrain the waist fork

I. Main technical parameters

1. Input: DC5V/2A

2. Instant high voltage output: 6500kV

3, battery capacity: 6400mAh

4. Catching equipment: aviation aluminum

5, shrinkage size: 1.55m

6, elongation size: 2.35m

7, the machine net weight: 2.6±0.15kg

8. Maximum diameter of crescent ring: 700±10mm

9, hand-held grip rod diameter: 35±1mm

10, hand-held grip rod diameter: 28±1mm

Ii. Product functions and characteristics

1, with the function of akimbo.

2, electric shock function: the instantaneous voltage is 6500KV, the battery capacity is equivalent to 2 18650 batteries, strengthen the electric shock plate, can withstand the external physical impact.

3, automatic locking function, internal using pull rod locking, more reliable, easy to operate.

4, the switch adopts lever button design, easy to open and close.

5, fork head and rod body made of aluminum alloy material, strong and durable.

6, there is anti-shock function, normal use will not harm the human body, if there is no need to shock can use the ordinary version without electric shock function.

7. The front end of the fork head has a catching and preventing mechanism, which is stable and reliable. Locking device, anti - stretching, anti - shrinking.

8, tail steel cone design, can break the window, has a strong use value.

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