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Capture device

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Capture device

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Capture device

Scope of application: public security, security, industry and commerce, tax, urban management, customs, flight attendants and other necessary riot equipment.

Product parameters:

1, material: stainless steel rod body;

2, stainless steel rod body, the outer diameter of the outer rod is 34.5mm, the outer diameter of the inner rod is about 28mm, the thickness of the rod body is about 1.5mm;

3, weight: ≤2kg

4, contraction: about 135cm, extension about 205cm;

5, features: convenient and flexible, the transverse part of the rod body can bear at least 200 jin, longitudinal force, weight at least 300 jin.

Product Description:

Fork adopts high strength stainless steel, with high strength, strong impact resistance, strong bending resistance, durable, easy to use and other characteristics, can resist the thrust of more than a number of people, not bending deformation, strong protection ability, is the ideal equipment for schools, kindergartens, enterprises and enterprises to defend.

1, with the function of fork feet, fork neck.

2, automatic locking function, internal using pull rod locking, more reliable, easy to operate.

3, the switch adopts lever button design, easy to open and close.

4, fork head and rod body made of aluminum alloy material, durable.

5. The front end of the fork head is equipped with a catching and preventing mechanism, which is stable and reliable. Locking device, anti - stretching, anti - shrinking.

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