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Motorcycle riding equipment

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Motorcycle riding equipment

The whole piece of clothing uses a large area of 3M reflective silk fabric, 5CM and 2.5CM wide 3M lattice reflective strips, dotted reflective strips, reflective webbing and fluorescent yellow fabrics, which can greatly improve the riding safety of the riding police at night. And recognition.
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Sharp shield riding suit
Summer cycling clothes:
Fabric introduction:
1. Fabric: 45% 3M high-gloss reflective silk fabric + 25% fluorescent yellow nylon waterproof fabric + 15% 1680D double-strand nylon waterproof fabric + 15% 840D nylon waterproof
2. Lining: 100% 190T nylon + rubber treatment
3. Equipped with a five-piece set of CE certified PU+EVA protective gear (including 2 shoulder pads, 2 elbow pads and 1 back pad)
1. The whole piece of clothing uses a large area of ​​3M reflective silk fabrics, 5CM and 2.5CM wide 3M lattice reflective strips, dotted reflective strips, reflective webbing and fluorescent yellow fabrics, which can greatly enhance the riding police riding at night. Line security and recognition.
2. There are vents on the shoulders and sleeves of the clothes, and there is a waterproof and removable liner inside, which is convenient for wearing all year round.
3. Equipped with a five-piece set of CE certified protective gear to provide reliable safety guarantee for the riding police.
4. Reflective woven labels are provided at the collar, hem and cuffs of the velcro retractable position, which is convenient for adjustment and putting on and taking off, and it can also improve the driving safety at night.
5. The elbows of the sleeves have elastic bands to adjust the position, which is convenient to fix the elbow protectors.
6. There are high openings on both sides of the waist, which can be suitable for the riding police with the same height and different waist circumference.
7. Both shoulders are equipped with buckle epaulette fixing positions, and the front and rear POLICE police cars have imported velcro, which is convenient for disassembly.
Ridding gloves:
Wholesale police waterproof and warm gloves, waterproof breathable cloth + 420D Taslon + microfiber palm + HIPRA TPU waterproof membrane + fleece lining, imported goatskin + carbon fiber protective gear, with 3M reflective strips and imported Velcro, M, Four sizes of L, XL, XXL are optional.
Riding boots:
Material: full leather
Riding helmet:
Purely imported ABS engineering plastics.
Breathable vents on the front mouth.
Adjustable rotary knob for mirror base.
Detachable and washable high-quality stretch cloth comfortable lining.
Tail flow-through air outlet.
Built-in anti-ultraviolet brown inner lens.
One-click uncovering is convenient and quick.
High-quality ET communication system.
The integrated earphone and microphone are built into the helmet, and the wireless intercom adapter makes it unnecessary to be bound by the K-wire when connecting the intercom. The wireless multi-function remote control can control multiple devices with just your fingers, without having to leave the handlebar, making it safer and more convenient.
Features of communication system:
All-in-one built-in high-fidelity wireless helmet headset.
Ultra-low power consumption GSR chip.
Intelligent lithium battery management, charging for 3 hours can be super long standby for 60 hours and working for 12 hours.
Voice prompt system, all operations are voice prompt, battery self-check broadcast.
The noise reduction function is automatically recognized in 3 seconds, and the wind noise is automatically filtered to ensure the quality of the call during the ride.
At the same time multi-task source link, multi-function wireless remote control switching, professionally built for motorcycles.
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