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Security inspection and EOD equipment

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Security inspection and EOD equipment

The company mainly produces: new standard telescopic batons, new standard glare flashlights and other related public security single police equipment, police protective equipment, comprehensive police equipment, and anti-terrorism explosion-proof equipment.

Electronic whistle

Protection level: IP54

Weight: 65G (without charger, packing box and other accessories)

Specification: 133*φ25mm

Pointing north (south) needle

Azimuth measurement; 2. Quickly work on the map; 3. Calibrate the map; 4. Determine the marching direction of the masked target. 5. Estimate the target distance. 6. Measure the pitch angle. 7. Measuring height; 8. Estimating the target distance; 9. Distance fixer ranging; 10. Auxiliary point ranging; 11. Global magnetic declination measurement; 12. Coordinate ladder ranging; 13. Odometer ranging; 14. Target ranging from any two points on the map; 15. Attached table for density conversion and auxiliary point ranging; 16. Altimeter, attached table for magnetic declination of large and medium-sized cities in China (97);

Data destruction machine

Hard disk degaussing machine is the common name of "magnetic carrier information erasing machine".

Hard disk degaussing machine is an economical degaussing machine, which can eliminate information on various magnetic carriers, suitable for government agencies and corporate office use.

The hard disk degaussing machine uses a 32-bit ARM processor to monitor and control key data such as voltage and field strength in real time to ensure that the information on the magnetic carrier is reliably eliminated.

Vehicle emergency maintenance equipment

Configuration: car air pump, car vacuum cleaner, car air purifier, electric jack, tire pressure gauge, etc.

Interrogation synchronization recording equipment

Synchronous recording and recording host, embedded motherboard design, high integration, using the current international advanced H.264 encoding and decoding algorithm, to complete the digital audio and video collection, storage, and transmission of special video equipment. The audio and video equipment specially designed for the People's Procuratorate's synchronized audio and video system can also be used in the interrogation process of public security, fire protection, political and legal institutions, to achieve full synchronization of audio and video, and realize functions such as hard disk storage, multi-disc recording and backup.

Generator set

①Rated power (KW): 30
Rated current (A): 54.3
Power factor COSΦ; 0.8
Rated voltage: 230/400
②Rated power: 5-8KW
Maximum power: 5.5-8KW
Rated voltage: 220V/230V optional

Explosion-proof tank

FBG-G1-JG01 type explosion-proof tank is an open, fixed explosion-proof tank without an upper cover.

Explosion-proof blanket, fence

The blankets and fences are made of inner bladder, outer jacket, etc. The cover of blankets and fences is flat, no snags, no damage, no tearing, no corrosion and dirt, sewing stitches are straight, regular, tight, uniform, no jumpers, and the sewing is firm. Each blanket and fence has a clear and firm product mark, which includes: a) manufacturer name; b) product name; c) model and specification; d) serial number; e) trademark and executive standard number; f) production Date and validity period.

Dangerous Liquid Detector Series

The hand-held dangerous liquid safety detector is a security inspection instrument specially used to detect flammable and explosive liquids. AT1500 is small in size, fast in analysis, and easy to operate.

Explosives and drugs detector series

Accurate detection: High-resolution ion migration spectroscopy technology is adopted. In actual work, there is no need to aim at the dangerous goods in the package. You only need to wipe the inspected package with a test paper to detect whether it is carrying dangerous goods. The operation is convenient and the detection is accurate;

Video endoscope

Multifunctional digital video endoscope product, with a 3.5-inch large-screen LCD display, a high-definition camera with a diameter of 8.2mm with 6 auxiliary lighting.

Car inspection mirror series

Economical and portable, simple and clear, with three movable wheels, easy to push, wide range of pole movement, suitable for spaces of different angles, is a security inspection tool widely used to check whether the bottom of cars, tables, stools, etc. is abnormal .
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