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Drone driving

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Drone driving

The company mainly produces: new standard telescopic batons, new standard glare flashlights and other related public security single police equipment, police protective equipment, comprehensive police equipment, and anti-terrorism explosion-proof equipment.

Underwater rescue robot

Size: 1296×481×379mm

Weight: about 64kg

Unmanned lifeboat

1. Whole machine weight: 42kg

2. Size: 200×70×15(cm)

3. Storage size: 109×84×60(cm)

Police Unmanned Ship

It adopts artificial inflatable type, which is stored and transported in a trolley box, which can be carried by one person, and can be quickly deployed. The inflation and deployment time is about 20 seconds;

Patrol robot

The robot and its management system can provide four core functions: autonomous patrol, security prevention, handling during incidents, and interactive services.

On-site processing robot

This product has the advantages of small size, strong climbing ability, off-road performance and quietness.

On-site processing robot

Process characteristics:

Small size: small size, light and portable

High performance: flexible movement, it can translate, rotate, forward and retreat, rise and sink in place
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