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Information and communication

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Information and communication

The company mainly produces: new standard telescopic batons, new standard glare flashlights and other related public security single police equipment, police protective equipment, comprehensive police equipment, and anti-terrorism explosion-proof equipment.

Law enforcement recorder

night vision function, day and night mode, laser positioning, one-key recording function, one-key recording function, continuous shooting function, video playback function, the video and audio data stored in the law enforcement recorder can be exported to the host computer through the data cable. It has the corresponding host computer management software.

Information Integration Collector

The cabinet adopts a three-section anti-collision structure design, which can be interchanged according to the on-site installation environment of the collection room.

Single police law enforcement video and audio recorder

The face can be seen clearly at 3 meters; the filter is automatically switched according to the light environment, and the shooting effect is without chromatic aberration.

4G law enforcement recorder

1. Processor: Quad-core 1.5G and above;

2. Operating system: Android8.0 and above operating system;

3. GNSS performance: BDS B1, GPS L1 C/A;

Single police law enforcement video and audio collection station

The collection workstation is equipped with automatic uploading, automatic clearing of files in the law enforcement recorder, automatic time adjustment of the connected law enforcement recorder, and automatic charging function; with the function of marking the important level of the file, it can download the photos in the collection station Go to the law enforcement recorder to view functions, important data protection functions, log recording functions, remote access functions, remote management functions, video format conversion functions, disk backup functions, information display functions, etc.;

Second-generation ID card reader

CPU: ARM9 core (400M) 32-bit

Memory: 128MB/1GB FlASH, 64MB SDRAM

Liquid crystal display: 4-inch 480×272 dot matrix TFT touch type

Second-generation ID card reader

Technical Parameters

Security encryption: 3DES data encryption

Communication distance: ≤ 3m (open and unobstructed areas);

Executive standard: "GA450-2013 General Technical Requirements for Desktop Resident ID Card Reader", ISO14443 specification for non-contact IC card

Handheld resident ID card reader

Radio frequency technology: in line with GA1153-2014 "General Technical Requirements for Handheld Resident ID Card Readers"

XR560 wireless duplex intercom

XR560 is a professional intercom system based on the police industry, which can realize full-duplex communication and has the functions of key-free and hands-free.

Multifunctional law enforcement back clip

Fast thermal printer\One-key scanning function\ID card reading\Support fast charge\Speaker amplifier

Private network program-controlled switch

The hardware supports Layer 2 full wire-speed switching. Powerful security features and rich business functions can meet the needs of a variety of applications such as campus convergence, data center access, and gigabit to desktop.

Field command communication equipment

It has functions of visual intercom, HIS docking, hosting, status prompt, call upload, broadcast playback, time-by-time upload, shutdown transfer, waiting processing, ward door unlocking, VOIP phone access, patient list, IPC binding, Synchronous display, voice broadcast, nursing level, volume adjustment, online detection, multiple interfaces, audio and video recording and other functions.
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