Let innovation make the future
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Society is developing and human beings are progressing. We long for civilization, harmony, peace, and auspiciousness.

"Auspiciousness" is a wish for a better life in the future, and "An" is a call for a harmonious mission.

Defense, anti-riot, and defense equipment are the basic guarantee for harmonious development. The "Jian" brand was born from this. Since then, "Jian" people have spared no effort to use more sophisticated equipment to protect and protect our people, in order to jointly build a safe society and a harmonious world. Hard work.

Brand Manifesto

Brand Manifesto

Let innovation make the future.

Honesty is the foundation, innovation is the soul, facing challenges, working together, going far, bravely shouldering responsibilities, and working together to achieve the goal of bringing value to users, bringing progress to employees, and creating value for society.

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